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Cumin Powder

Cumin powder is an aromatic spice with global appeal. It is used in cuisines worldwide, has potential health benefits, and is available online for global export

Nutritional Values:

1.2 gram Carbohydrates
0.3 mg Vitamin C
32 IU Vitamin A
1.4 mg Iron
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 Cumin powder, also known as jeera powder, black seed powder, or dhana jeera powder, is a versatile and aromatic spice derived from the dried seeds of the Cuminum cyminum plant. With a distinctive warm and earthy flavor, cumin powder is a staple ingredient in various cuisines worldwide, adding depth and complexity to dishes ranging from Indian curries to Mexican tacos.

Nutritional Value:

  • Cumin powder is low in calories, with approximately 8 calories per teaspoon (2g) serving.
  • It contains about 0.4g of total fat, primarily unsaturated fats that contribute to a healthy diet.
  • This spice is a good source of dietary fiber, providing 0.6g per serving, aiding in digestive health and promoting satiety.
  • Cumin powder offers trace amounts of essential vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin A, C, E, K, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc.

Organic Cumin Powder:

  • For health-conscious consumers, organic cumin powder is available, free from synthetic pesticides and chemicals, ensuring a more natural and pure spice.
  • Organic cumin powder retains its rich flavor and nutritional value, making it a popular choice among those seeking premium quality products.

Roasted Jeera Powder:

  • Roasted cumin powder is a variant achieved by lightly toasting cumin seeds before grinding, enhancing its nutty and smoky taste.
  • This roasted version of the spice is commonly used in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine, adding a delightful twist to various dishes.

Black Cumin Seed Powder:

  • Often confused with regular cumin, black cumin (Nigella sativa) belongs to a different plant species and imparts a distinct flavor to dishes.
  • Black cumin seed powder, also known as black seed powder, is renowned for its potential health benefits and unique taste profile.

Black Seed Oil Powder:

  • Derived from the black cumin seed, black seed oil powder is a concentrated form with potential antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It can be incorporated into various health supplements and functional foods to harness the benefits of black cumin seeds.

Global Export:

  • Cumin powder enjoys global demand and is extensively exported worldwide due to its widespread culinary applications.
  • Its use extends from household kitchens to commercial food processing, adding depth and character to numerous dishes.

Cumin Powder Price Online:

  • The convenience of online shopping allows consumers to browse and purchase cumin powder from various brands and sources at competitive prices.
  • It offers an accessible platform for enthusiasts to explore organic and roasted options, as well as black cumin seed products.

Jeera Packet:

  • Cumin powder is commonly available in airtight and convenient jeera packets, ensuring its freshness and preserving its flavor.
  • These packets are available in different sizes, catering to the diverse needs of households and culinary ventures.

In conclusion, cumin powder is a cherished spice that transcends borders, enriching culinary experiences with its distinct taste and aroma. Whether in its organic form, roasted variant, or as black cumin seed powder, this spice holds a special place in kitchens worldwide. As its global export continues to flourish, enthusiasts and food connoisseurs can readily access cumin powder and explore its diverse range of flavors, making it an indispensable ingredient in countless dishes across the globe.





Additional Information

 In addition to its culinary uses, cumin powder has historical significance as a traditional medicinal herb. In Ayurvedic and traditional medicine practices, it is believed to aid digestion, promote respiratory health, and support overall well-being. Black seed oil powder, derived from black cumin seeds, is gaining popularity for its potential health benefits, including immune system support and antioxidant properties.

 For health-conscious consumers, organic cumin powder provides a chemical-free option, ensuring a pure and authentic flavor. Roasted jeera powder adds a delightful smoky touch to dishes, elevating the taste profile. As its popularity grows, cumin powder is readily available online, and its global export continues to thrive, making it a sought-after spice globally.


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