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India is the second largest producer of tomatoes in the world. And Malaysia is a significant importer of fresh produce, including tomatoes.


India is the second-largest producer of tomatoes in the world. And Malaysia is a significant importer of fresh produce, including tomatoes. In addition, this detailed guide covers all the necessary steps involved with exporting tomatoes from India to Malaysia. Also include pre-export procedures, documentation, logistics, and customs clearance.

Market Research & Malaysian Regulations

  • Market Demand: Research current market trends in Malaysia to understand the demand for Indian tomatoes. Consider factors like variety preference, pricing, and also quality expectations. This information can be obtained through Malaysian agricultural departments or reports from industry bodies.
  • Import Regulations: Learn about Malaysia's import policies regarding tomatoes. Information about sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) requirements, such as approved varieties, treatment certifications, and maximum residuals limits (MRLs) for pesticides, is probably available on the Malaysian Department of Agriculture (DOA) website. 

Pre-export Procedures

  • Selection & Grading: Choose tomatoes that are fit for export. Select firm, mature fruits free of defects or illnesses. Sort tomatoes according to Malaysian preferences for size, color, and ripeness.
  • Packing: Use durable, airtight containers suitable for exporting tomatoes. Make sure there is enough cushioning to reduce damage while being transported. Also tomatoes should be packed based on their weight and size to maximize box space and also avoid crushing.


  • Phytosanitary Certificate (PSC): The National Plant Protection Organization (NPPO) of India can also provide you with a PSC. This certificate confirms the tomatoes' pest- and disease-free status.
  • Commercial Invoice: Write a thorough business invoice that includes the terms of sale (Incoterms), quantity, value, and description of the product.
  • Packing List: In addition, List of Packing Items: Make a packing list that includes the weight, quantity, and any unique markings on every box.
  • Certificate of Origin (optional): If appropriate, a Certificate of Origin from a recognized body could help with beneficial costing.

Logistics & Transportation

  • Transportation Mode: Air freight is the preferred mode for exporting fresh tomatoes to Malaysia due to perishability. While choosing a trustworthy airline with knowledge of handling perishable cargo.
  • Pre-shipment Inspection: Make arrangements for a pre-shipment inspection from a licensed organization to make sure the shipment satisfies import regulations in Malaysia.
  • Shipment Schedule: Work together with the Malaysian importer to make sure they are ready to accept and process the shipment when it arrives.

Customs Clearance in Malaysia

  • Importer's Role: In Malaysia, the importer is in control of the processes involves in clearing customs. Make sure they have all the relevant paperwork, such as the packing list, PSC, commercial invoice, and any additional certificates that may be needed.
  • Customs Duties & Taxes: Look up and account for all applicable taxes, import taxes, and customs fees in Malaysia.

Additional Considerations

  • Insurance: If you want to safeguard the shipment against possible loss or damage during transit, think about getting cargo insurance.
  • Payment Terms: Establish clear payment terms with the Malaysian importer. Options include letters of credit, advance payment, or collection upon arrival (COD).


In conclusion, tomato exports from India to Malaysia need to be carefully planned, regulated, and logistically managed. You can also make sure that the export procedure goes smoothly and also successfully by paying close attention to your study and following our guidance: 

  • Malaysian Department of Agriculture (DOA) website
  • Indian Government Agricultural Export Portal
  • National Plant Protection Organization (NPPO) of India

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