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Let us explore the Top five fruits exported from India. Also learn about the importance of each fruit, the Indian Fruit Industry trends.


Although apples, grapes, oranges, melons, bananas. And bananas hold significant positions in Malaysia's fruit imports. India's contributions expand above these five widely consumed fruits. Let's explore the Top 5 fruits exported from India. Also learn about the importance of each fruit, the Indian Fruit Industry trends, and the fascinating possibilities that await for the future:

These fruits are well-liked in Malaysia because of their high-quality, affordability, and freshness. Furthermore, Malaysia and India have a long history of fruit exports, which has played a role in the development of significant business relationships between the two nations.

1. Grapes: 

Grapes are a popular fruit that can be consumed fresh, dried, or juiced. They are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and flavor. India is one of the main exporters of grapes to Malaysia, along with China and the US. India is a leading producer, known for sweet, juicy, and affordable grapes. Exports reached $176 million in 2022-23. (Source: APEDA)

2. Banana 

Bananas are a nutritional powerhouse that are high in fiber and potassium. They may be eaten raw or cooked, and they are a common ingredient in processed foods. Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines account for the majority of exports, although India also contributes to the supply overall, especially for certain types that have Malaysian customers in their favor. Statistics: According to APEDA data from 2022, Malaysia received $21.8 million worth of Indian banana exports.

3. Mangoes:

India is also called the "Land of Mangoes." India provides a wide variety of these delicious and fragrant fruits. Indian mangoes, which range in variety from the Alphonso to the Kesar, can be eaten raw, as pulp, in pickles, or even in dried slices. There is a huge potential for additional expansion in exports with this unusual fruit. Exotic fruit export Statistics: According to data from 2022, Malaysia purchased mangoes from India for $138.5 million (APEDA).

4. Pomegranates:

Pomegranates are gaining popularity among consumers who are concerned about their health. Because they are high in antioxidants and have numerous health advantages. India has the potential to become a significant exporter of this super fruit to Malaysia due to its ideal growing conditions. Exports valued at $150 million in 2022-23. (Source: APEDA)

5. Papayas:

This tropical fruit is a popular choice in the Malaysian market because of its sweet taste and reputation for having digestive enzymes. The demand for papayas is going to climb as health consciousness rises, creating opportunities for India, a major producer, to enhance exports. With exports exceeding $100 million in 2022-23. (Source: APEDA)

India- Malaysia Agriculture Partnership 

Growing food demands and a variety of agricultural sectors push India and Malaysia to a flourishing working together. Together with Malaysia's tropical fruits and palm oil. India's experience in traditional crops like rice makes for a profitable trade and business environment.

Through schemes like MICECA, governments actively foster this cooperation. Enabling the flow of fruits, vegetables, and spices from India to Malaysia for use in rubber and palm oil. Beyond trade, collaboration takes the form of cooperative research projects addressing climate adaptation, sustainable practices, and crop development. Malaysia benefits from India's expertise in drip irrigation, and partnerships such as Krishfarm's fruit processing plant show the increasing investment and value addition.

There are still issues, such as non-tariff barriers and lack of cold chain infrastructure. Ongoing research programs and the 2023 Declaration of Understanding on agriculture cooperation, for example, show that these obstacles will be overcome. There is so much promise in this combination. India and Malaysia can secure food security, advance agricultural development, and enjoy economic benefits for their growing populations while tackling obstacles and taking opportunities.


In this article you'll learn about the top 5 foods. That is India Export to Malaysia. Because of their affordability and superior quality, these fruits are popular in Malaysia and contribute to the strong agricultural partnership between India and Malaysia. Despite obstacles such as non-tariff barriers and logistics, these two countries can continue to work together and invest in order to further strengthen their mutually beneficial relationship. These fruits grow well in India's diverse climate and are cultivated with expertise. You can also ordered fresh fruits from Arham Agro Exports 

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