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The current demand for processed vegetables is substantial, encompassing canned and preserved varieties. India plays a significant role in exporting processed.



India's bountiful climate and soil nurture a vibrant agricultural tapestry. While diverse food products flourish under this sun-kissed sky, some find eager appetites around the globe. The USA, Netherlands, UK, UAE, and Bangladesh top the list of countries relishing Indian flavors.

Speaking of tastebuds, Indian cuisine has captivated the world, leading to a surging demand for its treasures. Countries like the US, UK, UAE, Germany, and Thailand savor a generous helping of India's culinary magic.


India's blessed conditions also Favor the cultivation of stunning flowers, finding their way to homes (and hearts) far and wide.

 USA: This floral giant eagerly welcomes Indian blossoms, with 2019-20 seeing a fragrant embrace of 3276.08 metric tons, valued at a sweet $19486.73.

Netherlands: Another avid admirer of Indian blooms, the Netherlands imported 1377.08 metric tons in 2019-20, showering these beauties with an estimated $10966.53.

  UK: Across the pond, the UK joins the floral fan club, welcoming 1236.f74 metric tons of Indian flowers in 2019-20, lavishing them with $5742.88 worth of appreciation.

 Germany: Not to be outdone, Germany paints its landscape with Indian blooms, importing 1112.52 metric tons in 2019-20, a fragrant investment of $5749.46.

   UAE: Adding a touch of desert charm, the UAE embraces Indian flowers, with 1499.07 metric tons finding a fragrant home in 2019-20, valued at $4621.48.


India's agricultural bounty isn't just feeding its own vast population; it's blooming on plates across the globe. Take fruits and vegetable seeds, for instance. Like tiny time capsules of potential, they journey from Indian soil to distant fields, germinating a vibrant export trade.

The Netherlands nibbles on Indian bounty: Leading the pack is the Netherlands, importing a whopping 201.96 metric tons of seeds in 2019-20, a $20.83 million feast for Dutch growers.

·   America digs Indian diversity: The USA, with its insatiable appetite for fresh produce, snags 671.79 metric tons of Indian seeds, worth $16.78 million. From okra to chilies, American gardens relish the Indian touch.

 Pakistan plants the seeds of friendship: Across the border, Pakistan welcomes 1,517.22 metric tons of Indian seeds, a $4.43 million bridge of botanical goodwill.

   Bangladesh blossoms with Indian flavors: With 6,951.18 metric tons and a $10.85 million price tag, Bangladesh's appetite for Indian seeds is truly flourishing.

   Thailand tangos with Indian spices: Even Thailand, renowned for its own culinary arsenal, gets a kick from Indian seeds, importing 157.93 metric tons worth $6.75 million.



    UAE savors Indian freshness: United Arab Emirates gobbles up 91,912.02 metric tons of Indian veggies, a $59.96 million testament to their deliciousness.

 Nepal neighbors relish Indian greens: Sharing a border fosters culinary exchange, with Nepal importing 3,69,099.66 metric tons of Indian vegetables, worth $52.89 million.

    UK gets a taste of Indian sunshine: Even the discerning British palate can't resist 16,189.40 metric tons of Indian vegetables, a $26.21 million love affair with fresh flavors.

    Qatar quenches its thirst with Indian bounty: From juicy tomatoes to crunchy cucumbers, Qatar imports 34,735.52 metric tons of Indian vegetables, a $25.48 million hydration station.    Oman embraces Indian variety: Omani kitchens get a vibrant boost with 32,081.59 metric tons of Indian vegetables, valued at $14.09 million.


    UAE indulges in Indian sweetness: The UAE's sweet tooth is satiated by 73,517.60 metric tons of Indian fruits, a $62.84 million sugar rush.

   Bangladesh bites into Indian flavors: Bangladeshi markets overflow with 1,25,681.19 metric tons of Indian fruits, a $56.04 million celebration of juicy goodness.

   Nepal neighbors find fruity joy: From mangoes to melons, Nepal gets its fill of 1,28,052.42 metric tons of Indian fruits, worth $30.24 million.

   Oman relishes Indian sunshine: Omani tables burst with color thanks to 28,256.45 metric tons of Indian fruits, a $17.39 million tropical treat.

    Saudi Arabia savors Indian exotics: Saudi Arabia's dessert bowls brim with 18,837.20 metric tons of Indian fruits, a $16.82 million taste of the extraordinary.

 So, the next time you bite into a crisp cucumber or savor a juicy mango, remember – it might just have its roots in the fertile soil of India, carried across continents by the invisible threads of global trade. And that's something to celebrate!


The current demand for processed vegetables is substantial, encompassing canned and preserved varieties. India plays a significant role in exporting processed vegetables to various countries. Here is a breakdown of India's processed vegetable exports to key nations:

   USA: Processed vegetables from India found a market in the United States, with 37,790.02 Metric tonnes exported in the 2019-2020 period. This export was valued at around $81.17 million.

   UK: The UK is another destination for India's processed vegetables, with 28,400.90 Metric tonnes exported in 2019-2020, amounting to $40.14 million.

    Germany: Germany is among the recipients of India's various processed vegetables, with 14,483.20 Metric tonnes exported, valued at around $27.66 million in the same period.

    Russia: India supplied Russia with several processed vegetables, totaling 16,144.48 Metric tonnes, and worth approximately $17.78 million.

    Australia: Australia imported diverse processed vegetables from India, with 7,540.21 Metric tonnes exported, valued at $13.63 million during 2019-2020.


Pulses: Pulses, edible seeds from the legume family, are a crucial export commodity for India. Various countries import a range of pulses from India. Here's an overview of major destinations for Indian pulses:

    Algeria: India exported 27,564.11 Metric tons of pulses to Algeria in 2019-2020, with a total worth of $23.06 million.

    UAE: The UAE receives a variety of pulses from India annually, with 15,166.49 Metric tons exported, amounting to $10.53 million.

   USA: Different varieties of pulses are exported to the USA each year, with 21,859.50 Metric tons shipped in 2019-2020, valued at $28.62 million.

   Sri Lanka: India supplied 19,612.75 Metric tons of pulses to Sri Lanka in 2019-2020, with a total value of $15.36 million.

    Turkey: Turkey is another destination for Indian pulses, with 4,315.19 Metric tons exported, valued at $3.60 million in the same period.

In summary, India plays a pivotal role in the global trade of both processed vegetables and pulses, catering to diverse markets worldwide.


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